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You will get a full, detailed report with every Launch Home Inspection

What's included in my home inspection?

Launch Home Inspections 1800 point home inspection examines all major systems and components in a home. You can read more about what’s included in your inspection. Click here for more information.

How long will the inspection last?

The average inspection takes between 2-3 hours; however, it varies depending on the size, age, and condition of a home. Given these factors, it is not uncommon for an inspection to last 4 to 5 hours.

Do I need to be present at the inspection?

We encourage you to be present for the inspection. It’s a great opportunity to ask questions and address your concerns.

If you can’t join our us on site, our digital inspection report provides a summary, specific findings, identification of potential issues, recommendations, and high resolution photographs. We are available via e-mail or phone after the inspection to answer any questions.

How long does it take to get my home inspection report?

We strive to deliver your report within 24-hours of the inspection. Contact us if you haven’t received your report within 24-hours. Please confirm the report is not in your junk mail.

How will I recieve my report?

Depending on your preference, the report can be delivered by email or online download. You can also request a hard copy of your report.

Are you guys available for questions?

We are here to provide you with more information, answer any questions you may have, and ultimately help you make an informed buying decision.

What happens if I need to cancel my inspection?

Please provide us with 24hour notice to change or cancel an appointment. If you do not attend a scheduled appointment or do not provide 24hour notice to change a scheduled appointment you may be responsible for a $50 service charge.

How much does a home inspection cost?

Launch Home Inspection’s standard 1800 point home inspection starts at $380